Camping in Clachtoll

Just back from a few days of camping in our favourite spot in the Northwest of Scotland–Clachtoll. Good friends, ceilidhs and sessions, a dip in the ocean and a bit of low level walking–this time it was less about the hills and more about catching up with friends. But the hills amazing there. Check them out on-line.


Happy Holidays and Ben Hope

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Have a happy holiday! I’ll see you in August 2015, after my sabbatical year. I will check in from time to time to leave a photo of some of my adventures.
Here’s the first:
Last week, my husband and our good friend, Mary, climbed Ben Hope–the most northerly Munro in Scotland. About two thirds of the way up the mountain, we heard thunder rumbling and watched sheets of (what we thought was) rain coming towards us. About twenty minutes later, we were engulfed by thunder and pelted by hail–it was quite frightening. But the weather passed through quickly, the skies cleared and we carried on.
We met a man and a woman from the Mountain Rescue Team who were coming down as we were going up. They said that the static electricity in the air at the top of the mountain was so great that their hair stood up on end and it shook their glasses off the top of their heads! What a fright they’d had! They had to crawl down the other side of the mountain to get off the peak in case they were struck by lightening.
But at the top, the view was amazing.